Agritourism Resources

Agritourism is an alternative enterprise allowing an agricultural operation to earn higher profits by replacing or supplementing traditional agricultural operations with innovative and sustainable ventures. 

Agritourism is when the public visits a working farm, ranch, winery, or any agriculture operation or active agricultural heritage site for enjoyment, outdoor recreation, activities, education, shopping, dining or lodging.

Agritourism generates income from these visits for the operators, which can help sustain the rural way of life and help keep more producers on our Nebraska lands.

If you have questions about agritourism in Nebraska, please direct them to:

Karen Kollars
Nebraska Tourism Commission
Agritourism Consultant
Phone: 308-249-3220
E-mail: [email protected]

Do you have an agritourism business in Nebraska? Check out the following resources:

Legislative Bill 329 - Rural Landowner Liability for Recreational Activities in Nebraska

Guidelines for Ecotourism Operations in the Great Plains

Creating an Agritourism Emergency Management Plan

National Agriculture Law Center

Nebraska's Guide to Agri-Tourism & Eco-Tourism Development