Fighting for the Good Life: Nebraskan Memories of World War I

The Durham Museum

| 801 S. 10th St, Omaha, NE

08/18/18 - 01/27/19

(402) 444-5071


About This Event

World War I was the first truly global conflict of the 20th century. From 1917-18, citizens around the country rallied to the call for service; men took up arms, women trained as field nurses and children led scrap drives. Using objects received during a community crowdsourcing campaign, this exhibition focuses on The North Omaha Balloon School, Women in the War, Life on the Frontlines, Homefront Activities, and the Presence of the Past, how the Great War is memorialized publicly and remembered privately by families. Explore the stories of individuals, like Central High School graduate and YMCA volunteer Marion Crandell who was the first American woman killed in action and aviator Jarvis Offutt, the namesake of the local Offutt Air Force Base. Visitors will also read from personal accounts written by soldiers on the frontlines and see a recreation of an air force hot air balloon.

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