We've put together answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. If you can't find an answer to your question, please reach out to us using the Contact page.

Where can I find a step-by-step guide to signing up, logging in, and claiming and updating my Destination?

We have compiled a step-by-step guide with screenshots that will walk you through the sign up and login process, how to claim your Destination, and how to update your Destination's information. To view this tutorial PDF, please click here.

How do I sign up?

To get the most out of this site, you’ll want to first sign up. You may do so by using your Facebook account information, or by providing an email address and password. If you are a Destination owner, we recommend logging in with a general email address associated with your website if available.  Click here to begin the sign up process.

What is a Destination?

A Destination is any place that visitors to Nebraska can experience. On, we’ve divided Destinations into three main categories—See & Do, Stay and Eat.

What should I know about using this site to promote my Destination(s)?

Once you are approved, you will be responsible for the content that you post. All content posted to should promote a positive travel experience for Nebraska tourists. Nebraska Tourism reserves the right to edit or delete any content it feels is inappropriate at its sole discretion. If edits or deletions are made, we will contact the Destination owner to explain the situation. Anyone posting inappropriate content or violating the spirit of a positive Nebraska travel experience in their comments may have their User account and claimed destinations revoked.

What do the "" and numbers mean next to each destination? features functionality that allows users to like Destinations, Events and Trips. When a logged-in user clicks on the "" button, it will add that Destination, Event or Trip to his/her My Favorites panel. The number that you see next to each "" button shows how many users have liked that Destination, Event or Trip. At any time, a user can access the My Favorites panel to see all of the items that he/she has liked. Liking different Destinations and Events will also make it even easier for users to create customized Trips as they prepare to visit the state, or even just to share their favorite Destinations through social media.

What is a Trip?

Two types of Trips on can be created through the Create New Trip feature:
  • A dated itinerary trip
  • Users who would like to plan a trip with specific dates can enter those dates during the first step of trip creation. The second step requires adding desired Destinations and Events. Once these have been selected, the user can specify which Destinations and Events they want to visit each day during the third step. Once the trip has been created, a user can then print out or save a PDF itinerary of the dated trip for reference.
  • Year-round trip/top ten list
  • Users who just want to share their favorite Destinations and Events can create a year-round or top ten-style list. This is a great way to share your collection of must-visit Destinations and Events.

How can I create my own Trips and post them to the site?

To create your own trip, make sure you are logged in then click your name in the top-right corner of the website. Once there, click the Manage Trips tab and click the “Create New Trip” button. You may also start the Trip creation process by clicking this link. If you would like to make your Trip show up in the Trips section, just check the “Make Public” box in step one.

How do I claim my Destination so I may update its content?

If your Destination is already part of the site, you can claim it by visiting your Destination’s profile page and clicking the “Is this your business?” button.  Make sure you are logged in to with the account that you would like to use to manage the Destination.  If you are not logged in, please log in with the account you’d like to use to manage the Destination and click the button again. The easiest way to navigate to your page is by using the quick search functionality at the very top of the site. You can type in all or part of the name of your destination and click GO to see a listing of all matching Destinations.

Once you click the “Is this your business?” button, you will receive a notification saying that the request has been sent to Nebraska Tourism. Nebraska Tourism will review your request and work to verify that you are the owner of the Destination. Nebraska Tourism may call or email you using the information you’ve supplied to ask more questions, so be sure to check that your phone and email are updated on your account. When your request is approved or denied, you will receive a message from Nebraska Tourism letting you know the result. If it’s been approved, the Destination will show up in the Manage Destinations panel of My Favorites/My Account. If it’s denied, we’ll send you more information on how you can contact us to talk more about the request.

I can’t find a See & Do, Stay or Eat Destination I own. How can I add it to the site?

We’ve carried over all of the See & Do destinations that were on the previous version of the site, but there’s a chance your destination may not be part of the site yet. Please search the See & Do, Stay and Eat sections for your destination or use the Quick Search functionality to search the name of your Destination. If your Destination does not show up, all you need to do is fill out the Add Destination form. Make sure you check the box that signifies you are requesting ownership of this Destination once it’s added. When your Add Destination request has been processed, you’ll receive a notification via e-mail. To manage your Destination and update its content, use the Manage Destinations panel.

One of my favorite Destinations is not on the site. How can I add it?

If you’re unable to find a Destination that you already know and love, you can request that it be added to the site using the Add Destination form. Just fill out as much information you know and submit the request. Nebraska Tourism will review the content and add it to the site.

How do I add Events to the site?

In order to add an Event to the site, you must be logged in. You may post Events that happen at a Destination you own, Events that are city-wide and Events that are at a specific address that is not already a Destination. To post an Event, simply click your name in the top-right corner of the website, then click the Manage Events tab. In that tab, click the “Create New Event” button to begin the Event creation process. You may also begin the event creation process by clicking this link. In step two, you will be asked to choose the location of the Event you'd like to add.

What recommendations do you have for creating compelling Destination pages? allows Destination owners to claim and update their own pages, which gives each owner a lot of flexibility when promoting their Destinations. Here are a few recommendations to help your Destinations to stand out:
  • Choose a good image
  • Using a beautiful photo will entice users to click on your listing. Logos and graphics for Destination pages are strongly discouraged as they break from the natural beauty of the state.
  • Fill out as much of your Destination’s profile as possible
  • The more fields that you fill out in your Destination’s profile, the more relevant content you will be providing potential visitors.
  • Choose the right keywords
  • When you’re choosing keywords to apply to your Destination, be sure to choose the ones that are most applicable. Keywords that match your Destination will help users find your Destination more easily.
  • Add Events
  • A good way for people to organically find your Destination is to add Events to your Destination. You can do this by clicking the “Create New Event” button in the Manage Events panel, or by clicking this link.
  • Encourage users to visit your Destination page and click the “ ” button
  • Having a higher number of likes/adds for your Destination will show a higher number next to the “ ” button in search results.
  • Consider purchasing a banner ad placement, sponsored result and/or a Premium Profile.
  •’s robust search features will allow visitors to organically find your Destination. But you may want to consider boosting your Destination by purchasing a banner ad placement or sponsored search result. Upgrading to a Premium Profile will also allow you to add more pictures and videos and a higher amount of text to your Profile—possibly even eliminating the need to have your own website. Refer to the 2015 Advertising Opportunities for more information on how to purchase these enhancements.

What is a banner ad?

A banner ad on is a graphic ad that is inserted between search results on most pages. These ads can link to a page of your choice, whether it is your own external website, or your Destination’s Profile Page on Refer to the 2015 Advertising Opportunities for more information on how to purchase this enhancement. Now available.

What is a sponsored listing? allows Destination owners to purchase sponsored listings that will show their Destination as one of the first three results under predefined search conditions. Purchasing this enhancement will allow your Destination to show up near the top in the search results when users reach a specific Interest or section of the website as determined by the Destination owner when purchasing the enhancement. Think of it like Sponsored Results on search engines—the first three or so search results at the top of the page have been purchased to increase visibility. Refer to the 2015 Advertising Opportunities for more information on how to purchase this enhancement. Available beginning January 1, 2015.

What is a premium profile?

A premium profile is an enhancement available for purchase that will allow Destination owners to add even more content to their Destination Profile Pages. These additions include multiple photos and videos and an increased character limit for the Destination description. Refer to the 2015 Advertising Opportunities for more information on how to purchase this enhancement. Available beginning January 1, 2015.

Who can I contact for help?

If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Please visit the Contact page for general Nebraska Tourism contact information as well as contact information for all Nebraska Tourism staff.