Indigo Bridge Books & Cafe

Indigo Bridge

1346 B St
Lincoln, NE 68502
Our store is not simply a bookstore and coffeeshop. It is a space where individuals engage each other in meaningful conversation, where ideas are exchanged over a cup of directly-traded coffee or our community gathers together over relevant issues. From the beginning, we have had a reason and purpose for opening Indigo Bridge. Our mission is tied into our name. It symbolizes one of the biggest hopes for the store: to build a stronger community that reaches past the divisions of neighborhoods, social classes, political ambitions, religious beliefs, ethnicities, national borders, and even languages. We believe literature has the power to transform minds and promotes activism. Our staff personally curates a selection of thought-provoking, enlivening, educational, and entertaining literature, and we relish the responsibility of putting good books in people’s hands.
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