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2014 Nebraska Agri/Eco Tourism Workshop

Growing Partnerships...Harvesting Success
February 3-5, 2014
Holiday Inn Hotel & Convention Center, Kearney, NE

Why Should You Attend?

  • Learn to get the most out of your land.
  • Gain the latest industry knowledge.
  • Hear fresh marketing ideas.
  • Find greater financial opportunities.
  • Network with potential partners.

Keynote Speaker – Carol Patterson, President, Kalahari Management Inc.

Carol will be sharing her adventures as a professional accountant turned tourism consultant. She will show that you don’t have to invent the next ‘big’ thing to prosper. Carol will help you reinvent your tourism organization and ignite the untapped passions within.

Other topics: Inventorying your Potential, Building Strong Partnerships and Networking Resources, Exploring Potential Cross-Marketing Opportunities, Calculating your Marketing ROI, Low-Cost and No-Cost Public Relations Opportunities

Event registration is now closed. If you have any questions about the conference or would like information on sponsorships, please call Karen Kollars at 308-249-3220.

Brought to you by the Nebraska Tourism Commission in partnership with Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. 

2013 Nebraska Travel Conference

Online registration for the 2013 Nebraska Travel Conference has closed. If you would like to attend the conference but have not yet registered, please join us in Norfolk October 23-24 and check in at the conference registration table to register on-site.

2013 Agri/Eco Conference

Workshop Presentations:

You’ve grown it, now what do you do with it?
Steve Martin, Nebraska Department of Agriculture
Greg Naber, Naber Produce Farm

Growing hops in Nebraska?
Shad Rhynalds and Bill Rhynalds, Rhynalds Hops

10.5 steps to go and grow your social
Steve Maly, Maly Marketing

Katy Trail State Park: Twenty years in the making
Dawn Fredrickson, Missouri State Parks

Basic business law: What’s in it for you?
Milo Alexander Jr., Creighton University School of Law

Farm dinners
Krista Dittman, Branched Oak Farm
Paul Kulik, The Boiler Room

Working ranch stays in Nebraska
Tammy Rowse, Rowse’s 1+1 Ranch

Connecting people with Nebraska’s wildlife
Joel Jorgensen, Lindsay Rogers and Kristal Stoner, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Business plans – who needs em?
Dena Beck, REAP/CFRA

Getting action from website landing pages
Jay Jenkins, UNL Extension Educator

Farm dinners
Erika Polmar, Plate & Pitchfork

Traditional marketing tips that will blow away your current ROI
Steve Maly, Maly Marketing

Security and privacy for creating confident customers
Jenny Nixon, UNL Extension Educator

2012 Travel Conference

Workshop Presentations:

Funding Your Tourism Ideas Through the Nebraska Department of Economic Development
Presented by Kevin Anderson

Changing Demographics & How This Affects Your Business,Today & Tomorrow
Presented by Kelly McDonald

Disaster Recovery & Crisis Management Using Social Media
Presented by Kelly McDonald

Relating, Not Translating: How to Market to U.S. Hispanics
Presented by Kelly McDonald

A Change is Gonna Come
Presented by Kathy McKillip

It's All In The Numbers
Presented by Marshall Murdaugh

The Emerging Trend of Experiential Travel
Presented by Marshall Murdaugh

Develop Response Ability - Top Tips & Tricks to Get an Email Reply
Presented by Karen Purves

Throw Them a Bone - Selling Differently to Men and Women
Presented by Karen Purves

Marketing Update
Presented by Dave Snitily

How To Get The Most Out Of your Lodging Tax Dollars
Presented by Melissa Trueblood

2012 Agri/Eco Conference


D. Snitily - Social Media Strategy
T. Reese - Reconnecting people to food and farming
D. Kerstetter - Effective marketing for sustainable tourism businesses
Networking with the Presenters 
B. Skiles - Insurance & Property Risk Management
A. Sandeen - I Wanna Go There! ... How to Pull Off Exceptional Activities and Events (Event Logic)
A. Sandeen - I Wanna Go There! ... How to Pull Off Exceptional Activities and Events 
B. Puschendorf - Heritage Tourism