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Guidelines to distribute travel literature in the Tourism Commission's welcome centers

Use these guidelines when distributing your travel literature to the Tourism Commission's staffed welcome centers for the 2017 travel season. And as a reminder, when sending or dropping off your materials, make sure to contact the travel counselors prior to delivery to see how many they can take. If you have any questions, contact Micheal Collins at

2016 End-of-Season Brochure Inventory at the Nebraska Tourism Commission's Staffed Visitor Centers

Use the attached brochure inventory to find out how many of your tourism brochures remained in the Nebraska Tourism Commission's staffed visitor centers at the end of the 2016 travel season. You can use this inventory to determine how many brochures you'll need to bring to the Interstate 80 Brochure Drop-off at the NETA Brochure Swap, May 17th at the D&N Event Center, 501 E Walker Road, North Platte.

Continue checking the Nebraska Travel Association's website for more information on the Brochure Swap: