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As an agricultural epicenter, Nebraska is a foodie paradise with unique food encounters. From farm-to-table masterpieces to secret locations and menus, the Nebraska culinary scene is a happening place. The Lincoln Secret Supper is taken from secret dinner models from larger cities. Each dinner location is a secret and so is the menu. This culinary rendezvous is having another dinner on October 16 and 17. The Lincoln Secret Supper partners with the Lincoln community to create a neighborhood atmosphere featuring a family-style dining to facilitate meeting the other guests. Check out some of the past locations and dinners which look delicious!

In North Platte, the Beef and Wine Tour is the pinnacle of Nebraska agriculture the two of the best food products of Nebraska. But this isn’t just a dinner, it’s an educational experience. Guests can learn about food production and research at the University of Nebraska West Central Research Center from the greens to the meat. After the tour of the research facilities, the guests head to Feather River Vineyard to learn about Nebraska wine production. The final—and best—part of the night is the feast which features a lesson on the perfect pairing for beef and wine. The Blank Slate Theater in Ord has more than just movies. The chef and staff are committed to local agriculture and innovative culinary work. The Blank Slate is so committed to the farm to table movement that the chef personally meets with the farmers at North Star Neighbors Farm. Enjoy dinner and a show with amazing local food. Take a trip to the past and experience the pioneer lifestyle at the High Plains Homestead. This drive out to the badlands is worth this old-fashioned meal. The Drifter Cookshack offers traditional cowboy fare during their cookouts which feature steak, ribs or salmon. Oh! And they have buffalo meat too. Take a walk on the wild side and try the Indian Taco. The Common Good Farm is an organic holding near Raymond. They are committed to stewardship and nutrition. Their products can be found at the Old Cheney Road Farmers Market in Lincoln or at the gate of their farm. The Common Good Farm features grass fed beef, pastured pork and certified organic, pasture raised eggs. Don’t forget to call in advance and ask for the availability of their products and their special order items. The Nebraska culinary scene features unique farm-to-table dining experiences with friends or strangers in some amazing locations across the state.