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Warming to Winter: Nebraska’s Lied Lodge offers visitors a cozy weekend away

The article in AAA Midwest Traveler titled, "Warming to Winter: Nebraska’s Lied Lodge offers visitors a cozy weekend away,” is a 2-page feature story on Nebraska City's Lied Lodge & Conference Center. The writer, Diana Lambdin Meyer, details the massive lobby, the Timber Dining Room and Arbor Day Farm. She also highlights the 25th anniversary celebrated this year and the renovation that took place four years ago, as well as the new amenities that make it a perfect place for a cozy winter retreat. Diana also suggests pampering yourself at the Spa at Lied Lodge and their special Traveler’s Back & Neck Relief treatment.

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Spend Your Star-Studded Astrotourism Getaway at One of These 4 US Destinations


The article featured in Well + Good titled “Spend Your Star-Studded Astrotourism Getaway at One of These 4 US Destinations,” is a result of hosting the writer, Nneka Okona, on June’s Sandhills/Valentine Agritourism FAM. The article is a roundup of domestic destinations that are great for an out-of-this-world astronomy-fueled getaway. Nneka includes Valentine, Nebraska, and provides some background on the city, including the location, population and the Merritt Reservoir Snake Campground. Nneka highlights the weeklong Nebraska Star Party and all of the incredible nightly events, as well as daytime events such as canoeing, photo contests, and the Beginners Field School. Additionally, Nneka includes a link to the Nebraska Star Party’s website.

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The Best Place to Go Wine Tasting in all 50 States

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The article featured in Matador Network, “The Best Place to Go Wine Tasting in all 50 States,” positions Central Nebraska as the state’s regional wine country pick. The piece includes a direct link to the Nebraska Winery and Grape Growers Association and specifically calls out Omaha and North Platte in relation to where a higher concentration stretch of wineries can be found between. Bonus that he gave a nod to the new marketing campaign tagline.

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Preserving the Prairie

Nebraska is featured in Lonely Planet as a result of hosting the writer, Kristina Juodenas, in July. The story, titled “Preserving the Prairie,” is a feature story of Nebraska’s conservation efforts and her experience in the state. She highlights her time in the Sandhills region and specifically details how the local Nebraskans prioritize preserving the Great Plains region, quoting Sarah Sortum and Mitch Glidden. She includes some very beautiful imagery of the open prairie land and mentions the following partners:

  • North Platte
  • Switzer Ranch
  • Burwell
  • Calamus Outfitters
  • Valentine
  • Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge
  • Mullen
  • Mitch Glidden / Glidden Canoe Rental

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Halloween Road Trips: 5 Surprisingly Creepy Attractions in Places You Least Expect It


Nebraska is featured in an article in Livability titled “Halloween Road Trips: 5 Surprisingly Creepy Attractions in Places You Least Expect It.” The writer, Brittany Anas includes the Klown Doll Museum in Plainview, Nebraska as the second attraction in a roundup of five unexpected destinations. Brittany describes the museum that houses more than 7,000 dolls, providing background on how the museum started, “Klown Day” celebrations, and the 8-foot-tall wooden clown mascot near the museum entrance. The coverage includes links to the Klown Doll Museum website, and Livability pieces on Plainview and Nebraska.

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