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The Best Beach in Every Landlocked State

Article: The Best Beach in Every Landlocked State

The article in highlights the best beach in every landlocked state and includes Lake McConaughy, mentioning that the lake features more than 100 miles of sandy shoreline and is a popular spot for camping. 

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National Geographic Crane Migration Coverage

The National Geographic article and video below are a direct result of hosting Elaina Zachos and Amy Rankin for the crane migration. The video is five minutes and 47 second long - one of the longest videos on their website by far (average is 2 minutes in length) - and both accompanies the feature length article and as a standalone asset. The coverage was also shared on Nat Geo’s social networks and received great engagement (2.1K likes on Facebook alone).

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Best Small Town Bars in America

Link to Article:

The article includes The Speakeasy in Holdrege, NE.

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The Best Places to Travel in the U.S. in March

The article positions Grand Island, Nebraska as one of the best places to travel in March, specifically highlighting the sandhill crane migration. Additionally, the article was featured in Travel + Leisure’s e-newsletter over the weekend. 

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