Finding Serenity in the Nebraska Sandhills

Article: Finding Serenity in the Nebraska Sandhills

The three-page story focuses on the history of the Nebraska Sandhills, while also spotlighting how the “precious anomaly: one of the last large, untouched vestiges of the Great Plains,” plays a part in ecotourism today. The piece then depicts the best ways to experience the Sandhills scenery, tying in experiences unique to Nebraska, such as tanking to ranch habitat ecotours, encouraging travelers to discover the diverse landscapes of the Sandhills. The feature article, titled “Finding Serenity in the Nebraska Sandhills,” is a result of hosting the writer, Crystal Shi, on the Sandhills/Valentine press trip in May. The article can be found in the online Travel section of The Epoch Times and in the June 22nd print edition of the publication.


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