Why Omaha, Nebraska Might Be the Best Place to Eat in America Right Now

Link: https://livability.com/ne/omaha/food-scenes/why-omaha-nebraska-might-be-the-best-place-to-eat-in-america-right-now

The article in Livability titled “Why Omaha, Nebraska Might Be the Best Place to Eat in America Right Now,” is a full feature story on Omaha’s bourgeoning culinary scene. It mentions that while the city was primarily known for its namesake steaks in the past, that’s all changing now. As a result of hosting the writer, Sarah Kuta, on the most recent culinary harvest FAM, she highlights passionate chefs and restauranteurs who believe their often-overlooked Midwestern city deserves the best in food, drink, service and experiences.

In addition to mentioning the following partners, Sarah also includes 5 images of Dante, Le Bouillon and Au Courant.  

  • Omaha
  • The Grey Plume*
  • Boiler Room*
  • V. Mertz*
  • Farine + Four*
  • Yoshitomo*
  • M’s Pub*
  • Paul Kulik
  • Le Bouillon*
  • Via Farina*
  • Ben Maides
  • Au Courant*
  • Nick Strawhecker
  • Dante*
  • Dante Pizzeria Napoletana*
  • Blackstone District*
  • Matthew Moser
  • Matt Carper
  • Stirnella*
  • Butterfish*
  • Red Lion Lounge*

*Indicates a link to the partner’s site

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