36 Hours Discovering Trails and Towns in Arapahoe, Cambridge, McCook Region

Betty Sayers

  • Kayaking

  • Coffee

  • Golf

  • Gallery

  • Historic

  • Sculpture

  • Scenic Drive

  • Biking

  • Art

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  • Shopping

  • Camping

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  • Nature

About This Trip

Arapahoe, Cambridge and McCook - authentic, lively and prosperous communities are situated in the Republican River Valley, southwest Nebraska. Only hours away from the concrete sprawl of cities visitors experience lakes, beaches, bluffs, river landscapes, sky scapes and the magical main streets in Furnas and Red Willow Counties. See www.Nebraskaruralliving.com for sights, trails, moments to remember in detail.

The communities offer small town charm with uptown amenities. Visitors delight in historic trails, art trails, bicycling and walking trails, world class golf, lakes, river and streams, scenic outlooks, birding, camping, historic buildings, chefs who serve fine, fresh and local menu items in restaurants with an historic ambience in tune with the region.

Before Nebraska earned statehood, and when tribal records were primarily oral, the Furnas and Red Willow region were welcoming travelers, revelers, hunters, farmers, builders, entrepreneurs, and politicians. The Pawnee built majestic earth lodges, farmed, and developed a sophisticated and prosperous cultural life on the flood plain of the Republican River. The U.S. Army hosted international visitors in the Furnas and Red Willow County region. These cultural patterns carry on, and hospitality is highly regarded in the valley today.

Visit the must-see and highly recommended eateries, hostelries, trails, places, activities yet we invite you to interrupt your schedules and pause to hear a story and share one of yours. May this be a memorable leisure experience for you and your family.

Arapahoe, Cambridge and McCook are arranged like pearls on a necklace separated by emerald green landscapes and approximately 15 miles (15 minutes) from one another. Easy travel encourages circular and zig-zag patters. You will have time to experience the highlights in each community, to see and do and eat wonderful food and enjoy the moments. Please check out the entire itinerary at www.Nebraskaruralliving.com

Tips from the Locals