A Nebraska Nice Journey

Nebraska Tourism


About This Trip

4 Days: November 8-11, 2015

Join Micheal with the Nebraska Tourism Commission on a journey where you step back in time for an elegant housewarming dinner, explore the only tourist attraction in the nation that spans a federal interstate, and learn more about where your food comes from before it’s on your table. You’ll also savor delicious meals and ethnic dishes that’ll make your taste buds smile and visit the mansion of Arbor Day founder, J. Sterling Morton. Nebraska is a land of diversity and uniqueness, so explore it with us on our own "Nebraska Nice Journey!"

Price Per Person:
Double Occupancy: $500
Single Occupancy: $655

Price Includes:
• All Admission Fees
• 3 Nights in Exceptional Lodging Accommodations
• 3 Breakfasts
• 3 Lunches
• 3 Dinners
• 1 Snack Break
• Experience and Certified Tour Guides
• Top-of-the-Line Motorcoarch Transportation

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