A Day at Platte River State Park

Courtney Kottich


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f you could see Nebraska through my eyes, you would see the luscious woodlands of the Platte River Valley. You would see hiking trails that go for miles, full of green foliage and smiling families passing by. You could spend hours exploring the different trails, maybe stopping to have a picnic or to cool down by the waterfall. If you're feeling brave and don't have a fear of heights, climbing one of the observation towers and seeing the great plains for miles is definitely worth it. My family and I are always looking for something active and different to do and on a beautiful Nebraska day, Platte River State Park is the perfect place to explore and enjoy the outdoors.

My name is Courtney and this is Platte River State Park through my eyes.

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Platteriversp shootingcomplex 009 edit
Louisville, NE

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