Camping in February

Miki Newhouse


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f you could see Nebraska through my eyes, you would see clear, starry skies beaming down on you.

Nebraska has recently had unusual warm weather for February, and of course we had to take advantage of it. My husband, and some of our friends, packed up our cars and headed to Mahoney State Park right after work on Friday. We watched the sun set the whole way out there and couldn't wait to set up our camp site.

As the sun set, and the night came, and the fire kept us warm. We couldn't stop looking up at the stars and watch them staring back at us. We would dream about what else is out there and wish that night wouldn't ever end.

We were so happy we took advantage of the warm weather in February. There were no bugs and the weather was perfectly cozy. Mahoney State Park is a must if you are in Nebraska.

My name is Miki and this is Mahoney State Park through my eyes.

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