Heaven on Earth exists in Central City, Nebraska

Kirstin Fasbender


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f you could see Nebraska through my eyes, you would find heaven exists in Central City, Nebraska. My Father grew up in Central City, Nebraska where his Father, George Miller, was a Principal and coach in the late 1940's early 1950's at Central City Public School's and his Mother was a teacher. He left Central City for Nebraska Wesleyan University when he was 18 yrs old. He returned to his childhood area as an adult with us, his children, when he learned about the vast lakes in Merrick County. We grew up during the Summer's in central Nebraska through the 1980's and 1990's water-skiing, going for hikes, learning to drive on golf carts, roasting smores with area friends, and grabbing a rope swing and soaring above the lake and letting go to feel the incredible cool Nebraska lake absorb our fall.
We would take a trip to Central City to grab dinner at The Lincoln Manor Steakhouse or breakfast at Waffles-N-More. We would go to church at Christ Episcopal Church which was built before Custer's last stand. We would enjoy a tour of Central City and listen to our Father tell us the homes he lived in and the activities he enjoyed as a kid. I fell in love with Central City from the very beginning. Fast forward to 4 years ago. My Mother called and told me the Historic Heber Hord Home in Central City, Nebraska came up for sale. The one I have been in love with since I was 7 years old. I asked my husband if he wanted to take our 3 kids on a road trip from our home in Omaha, Nebraska to see this magnificent house and he agreed to the Sunday drive. We went through the home of Steve and Bev Curry and we felt God in this small community and this amazing town. We made an offer on the home that day and we opened our hearts to the small Nebraska Community where we continue to raise our family today. We have never regretted a single moment. We hike in Chapman at Bader Park. We teach our children about history at the Heartland Veteran Memorial. Our friends and family make special trips to hit our aquatic center. We have adult nights at our Prairie Creek Winery. We love our 5-Star Central City Public Library. We walk to the Central City Mall for our groceries and we support our Litzenberg Auxiliary Thrift Shop. Our local paper, the Republican Nonpareil, runs stories on our community once a week. Our 12 o'clock whistle still reminds us it's lunch time. Do you want to find Heaven on earth? Please call for a tour of Central City and the Heber Hord Home!

My name is Kiki Fasbender and this is Central City and the Heber Hord Home through my eyes.

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Lincoln manor steak
Lincoln manor steak
Central City, NE
Central City, NE

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