It's a Privilege to Iron these Sheets & Clean these Bathrooms

Pat Coldiron


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f you could see Nebraska through my eyes, you would see life in this big old house as it was 128 years ago. This is our 15 year Anniversary of operating our Bed & Breakfast & Antique Shop, (Liberty House) here in Seward, Nebraska! The family that built the house immigrated to Nebraska from Germany and made a huge impact on our community by starting several businesses in our downtown, helping to start Concordia University and procuring a railroad line to Goehner, (thus having the little town named after them). It's mind boggling to think of hauling everything they needed to build here in a team and wagon, and building this huge house without an electric saw.

Since I've started the business we have been so fortunate to have built up a wonderful clientele for the retail side, selling everything from the kitchen sink to the curtains off the windows, but it is the remarkable guests from all over the world who walk in the front door that have made these past 15 years such an experience! A small sampling of our guests are:
* The young group who were heading to Seattle and LA to become rock stars - they serenaded me at the breakfast table with an original folk song.
* The young couple from Denmark who had brought their two young boys to the heartland of America to see first hand our Agricultural Operations.
* The folks from France who were on their way to see the Blackhills - supporting the fact of how movies around the world impact tourism.
* The parents bringing their students to the area to drop them off at either, Concordia U., St. Gregory The Great Seminary or Southeast Community College at Milford.
* And the best love story ever told: The middle aged couple from Nebraska who were staying overnight in a B&B (luckily Liberty House). They had asked if they could use the dining room table because they had brought their hamburgers along for supper, and as she pulled a nice cold beer out of her purse asked also if they might have a couple of glasses. I said of course and let them spend a quiet evening together!

My name is Pat and this is life in a story filled historical house on the prairie through my eyes.

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