Lake McConaughy is Breathtaking

Kathleen Al-Marhoon


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f you could see Nebraska through my eyes, you’d see that sometimes you need to choose to get off the road most traveled to find some of Nebraska’s greatest treasures.

My family often travels Interstate 80 from Omaha west as we travel to Colorado. After years of failing to stop in Ogallala to visit Lake McConaughy, (due to faulty thinking that it would delay our travels to our destination of Colorado) we finally stopped. Oh, what a treasure!

This stop became a highlight of our “Colorado vacation.” The crisp, clear, blue water and beautiful white sand beaches of Lake McConaughy are breathtaking and refreshing. Our stress melted away.

Who knew such a treasure exists in Nebraska? Apparently, lots of people.

Our family agreed -- our stop at Lake McConaughy was way too short. We’ve made plans to make this a destination -- not a stop -- on our next trip west.

My name is Kathleen and this is Lake McConaughy through my eyes.

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Ogallala, NE

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