Nebraska, My Palette of Imagination, Heritage, and Dream Shop

Linda Lacy


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f you could see Nebraska through my eyes, You would see a farm in Eastern Nebraska where my Swiss Immigrant Grandparents and father homesteaded, where I joyfully played with my four siblings and loved the farm life, and it was handed down to the next generation to care and love.
You would see oceans of cornfields and 4-H kids at the county fair.
You would see my one room country school and playing softball with neighboring schools.
I see miles and miles of one-lane roads that led me west to teach art in the rural schools of the Sandhills.
I see many cultures from East to West making Nebraska a palette of beautiful natural colors, textures, skies, and terrains, from cornfields to Sandhills to Pine trees.
I see my past developing my future.
Nebraska holds me in its mesmerizing embrace. Lasting memories of my childhood bring me to my piece of heaven, a pottery shop and art gallery in the small town of Ashby, Nebraska. As a potter and painter, I create using “my” Nebraska to tell my story.
I see Nebraska as my home, connecting my past to my future on a palette of never ending imagination!

My name is Linda and this is CaLinda's Pot Shop & Art Gallery, Ashby, Nebraska through my eyes.

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