Panhandle Paradise

Justin Haag


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f you could see Nebraska through my eyes, you would see an incredible range of beauty and serenity. As a regional editor for NEBRASKAland Magazine, I get the pleasure of photographing the magnificent landscapes and wildlife of the Panhandle week-in and week-out. My work often finds me standing before a diverse set of scenes that make up this incredible land, including pine forests, towering buttes, rolling grasslands, moon-like badlands and pristine cold-water streams. Every scene takes on a new beauty with the coming of a new season, complemented by the presence of an interesting array of characters such as the charismatic bighorn sheep, the charming swift fox and the whimsical long-billed curlew, to name a few. A wealth of this state's unique beauty can be found on large expanses of public land in the form of state and national parks, forests, wildlife areas and grasslands. On most days, what I consider most remarkable is that no other human is within my view as I enjoy this vast landscape, marveling as the sun works its magic while rising or setting on another day. I can imagine no greater place to enjoy the beauty of nature, and certainly no better place to escape the rat race.

My name is Justin and this is the Nebraska Panhandle through my eyes.

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