Prairie Playground

Michael Johnson



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  • Nature

  • Hiking

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  • Educational


f you could see Nebraska through my eyes, you’d discover the joy of exploration. You’d look at the natural beauty of windswept plains, croaking creek beds, and rocky outcrops again—for the first time. You’d beam as your son picks up pinecones and chases butterflies, and you’d lose yourself in the simple joy of outside. You’d play and laugh. The world around you would soak into your skin and warm your soul.

On the way home, you’d look in the rear-view mirror and see him sleeping in his carseat. Cheeks rosy, snoring softly and still clutching the single sunflower he wanted as a souvenir.

My name is Michael and this is Pioneers Park Nature Center through my eyes.

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Pioneerpark9.12 prairie 207
Lincoln, NE

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