Relax at TaHaZouka

Marissa Lee


  • Kayaking

  • Campground

  • Fishing

  • Hiking

  • Biking


f you could see Nebraska through my eyes you'd see my fiancé fishing in a beautiful pond in the middle of our campsite while I sit and listen to the fountains on one of the picnic tables close by - taking in all the beautiful scenery. When he’s decided we’ve fished long enough we dip into the Elkhorn River with our kayaks. We kayak for a few hours and head back to our camping area to make a quick lunch before heading out on another adventure on the Cowboy Trail. While walking, we notice all the amazing wildlife living around us; hard to believe this is so close to town. We walk for a few miles then turn around and head back, as it is starting to get dark. We stand in awe at the start of the trail as we look up at all the beautiful stars and hear the quiet babble of the river behind us. All this in Norfolk, Nebraska? Yes, TaHaZouka Park is one of our favorite places to camp.

My name is Marissa and this is TaHaZouka through my eyes.

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20160610 184514
20160610 184514
Norfolk, NE
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Img 20161017 173336
Norfolk, NE

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