Sandhill Cranes on the North Platte River

Muriel Clark


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f you could see Nebraska through my eyes, you would see the Sandhill Cranes dancing their hearts out during their annual migration. You would also hear them singing, and that'll make your own heart sing! It's easy to take the Cranes for granted, as they return every year like clockwork and are ubiquitous in the meadows and corn fields near North Platte. However, to really experience the Cranes, you have to slow down and really take the time to see and hear them. It's not enough to simply glimpse them as you speed by on the highway. You also have to make an effort - drag yourself out of bed in the wee hours and hike your way down to a blind on the river in the total darkness. Or, head out to the blind in the late afternoon and settle in until they have all roosted for the night in the river and you can leave without disturbing them. At the very least, drive the back roads slowly with your windows down and just drink in this incredible harbinger of spring.

My name is Muriel and this is Sandhill Crane Migration in the Platte River Valley through my eyes.

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