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f you could see Nebraska through my eyes, you would see
I love this America, land of the free
For there is beauty, so much to see
There is beauty that shouts, like the mountains and the shores,
And beauty that is but a whisper, one must ‘listen’ more.
My home is on the prairie, in these hills of grass and sand,
Beauty here is but a whisper, one of the quietest in the land.
One can see it in the sunrise, glowing pink and purple in the east,
Some may say beauty here is a famine, but to me there is a feast.
The wind brings the breezes that cause the grasses to sway,
The hills become an ocean, green and brown are the waves.
The flowers that amass here are of every shade and hue,
The pinks are found in a wild rose, prairie violets have the blue
Other flowers are red, yellow, white, purple, even green
Come and visit in the spring and summer, you’ll see just what I mean
Wildlife abound here like the rabbits, grouse and deer
Hawks, eagles, coyotes are the predators they fear
Another beauty is the cattle, our livelihood in this rugged Sandhills land
For calves, frisking in the grass, you will see our Master’s Hands
For HE alone created this America, land of my birth
And with all its shouts and whispers, there is nothing like it here on earth!
Terri Licking ©

My name is Terri Licking and this is my home, the Nebraska Sandhills through my eyes.

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Phillips river  2
Phillips river  2
Grand Island to Alliance, NE
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Sandhillsjourneyinterpcenter 7.12 010
Broken Bow, NE

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