Twins in Brownville

Laura Gruntorad



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y husband and I took our twin toddlers camping at Indian Cave this past weekend and, at the recommendation of friends, decided to spend the afternoon in nearby Brownville. We were blown away! The whole town is like a time capsule from the turn of the last century, and they have so many interesting historical buildings to see that we’re already planning a return trip to see the ones we didn’t have time for. There’s a short, gorgeous walking trail that goes behind many of the old buildings and meanders back and forth across the creek. We also highly recommend the Bluebird Cafe for lunch and ice cream! Everything was delicious, and the owner was so nice even when the twins dripped ice cream all over his tablecloth! Mom, dad, and twin-approved!

My name is Laura and this is Brownville through my eyes.

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Indiancavesp cave8.12 098
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