Honeybees in the Heartland

1015 J St.
Auburn, NE 68305
Honeybees in the Heartland is a county wide public art project featuring 26 unique and exquisitely painted honeybee sculptures. The honeybees' looks are stylish and whimsical and bring much joy and beauty to Nemaha County as they buzz across the landscape. The honeybee sculpture is a sweet nod to our ag community as well as a reminder to us that unity and working together is imperative for the good of our community, just like the honeybees work together for the good of the hive.
Some rich history to know is that back in 1974 an Auburn Calvert Elementary teacher, Mrs. Louise Howe, and her third grade class launched a campaign to make the honeybee Nebraska's state insect.The success of that campaign came in 1975 when the Nebraska Unicameral adopted the honeybee as the state insect. So, we invite you to come visit our hive and see why we say "Nemaha County is the place to bee!"
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