1854 Didier Log Cabin

213 Main Street
Brownville, NE 68321
Located in Boettner Park, this original historic cabin served as the residence of John B. Didier,II from France that arrived in Cincinnati Ohio at the age of 20 in 1827.He arrived in Brownville by steamboat from St. Joseph and built the cabin for which he resided for more than 63 years. He married Mary Peneaux Beauvais Red Nose Didier Desersa in 1855. Mary was enrolled in the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, and was part of the Sioux Nation forced to walk to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears. The ultimate Tiny house, was built with logs 8"to 15" in diameter, each chinked. the main room is 15x15 and the sleeping loft is 7x15.
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