Meeting Notice - August 28, 2019

Meeting Notice - August 28, 2019

Meeting Notice

Meeting Notice - Draft Agenda

Nebraska Tourism Commission Meeting
August 28, 2019 at 1:00pm CST
Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer – Hornady Hall 
3133 W US Hwy 34
Grand Island, NE 68801

NOTE: Museum admission is free to meeting attendees – notify gate attendant at entrance that you are a meeting attendee. 
Chairman of the Meeting:  Commissioner Roger Kuhn, Chair
1.    Welcome and Approval of Agenda *
2.    Community Engagement Presentation – Grand Island Area Representative
3.    Public Comment Period for items listed on the Agenda 
4.    Approval of May 14, 2019 Meeting Minutes * 
5.    Commission Chair Report – Commissioner Kuhn
    a.    The following items will be voted on at the October 22 meeting:
        i.    Locations and dates of 2020 Commission Meetings
        ii.    Election of Commission Executive Board Officers
6.    Director’s Report and NTC Project Updates – John Ricks and NTC staff
    a.    ESTO recap
    b.    Grant Cycle Timeline FY2019-2020 Applications *
    c.    Nebraska Tourism Conference Updates
    d.    Mentorship Program
7.    Financial Update and Finance Committee Report – Commissioner Stavas 
    a.    Budget Status Review *
    b.    Overall Fiscal 19-20 Budget*
    c.    Discussion of Budget Reserve *
    d.    Lodging Tax Performance 
8.    Legislative Committee Report – Commissioner Jasnoch
9.    Marketing Committee Report – Commissioner Chapo
    a.    Marketing Report
    b.    Strategic Plan Update
    c.    NTC Promotional Product Sales Update
10.    New Business
    a.    Upcoming meetings: October 22 – North Platte 
11.    Adjourn

                                                 *Denotes Action Item

Open Meetings Law of the State of Nebraska will be available in the meeting room. Proposed agenda, posted August 22, 2019, kept current and available for inspection on the Commission’s website,  Items of an emergency nature may be added to the agenda by the Commission at the meeting.  The Commission reserves the right to enter into closed session, should a closed session be necessary.