Cozad Chamber of Commerce

209 W. 8th St.
Cozad, NE 69130
Cozad is a heart-warming community, located on the 100th Meridian, filled with history, innovative industries and art. In 2015 we were named the 3rd safest city in the state of Nebraska and we pride ourselves in our caring spirit. Our dining experiences include authentic Italian and Mexican cuisine, as well as, good old homestyle cooking. Visit our two museums located side by side to learn about our intriguing history and beautiful art by the world renown impressionist artist, Robert Henri. Take a walk along our Historical Walkway. Art collections can be viewed at our local banks, High School, coffee shop and library. If you are traveling through the state with your family in the summer, we invite you to stop at our local pool and enjoy the two waterslides and take a cool break. Stay for awhile and shop at our one of a kind shops and rest in our award winning hotel. We welcome you to Cozad!
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