Sportsmen's Preserve

441 230th Street
Homer, NE 68030
Sportsmen’s Preserve is an 1100 acre private hunting and fishing preserve located in Northeast Nebraska. Two miles from the Missouri River front filled with fish and migrating snow geese and mallard ducks. Nestled in the majestic groves of natural cottonwoods, Sportsmen’s Preserve provides over 400 acres of dedicated natural wetland habitat covered with deep and rich native grassland, where wild turkeys, ring neck pheasants and quail thrive in the deep tall grasses and clover sprinkled with plum and sumac thickets. A deep, clear water lake stocked with largemouth bass, catfish, bluegill and crappie provides the most exciting fishing experience in the region. Sportsmen’s Preserve provides the opportunity for superb hunting and fishing, a perfect away from the bustle of your hectic life. So please give us a call and set up your get away today.
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