Tank Down the Elkhorn

23301 W. Maple Rd.
Elkhorn, NE 68022
For a sandkickn good time on the Elkhorn River in Eastern NE. Park your vehicles at Graske Crossing off of Dodge Street. Relax with some games, hang out, for an hour or so. Then you will continue your tubing journey to Riverwest Park! Camping Reservations are made through Riverwest Park!
  • Weekend Float (Fri., Sat., Sun.) 4 - 5 Hours: $140.00
  • Weekday Float (Mon. - Thurs.) 4-5 hours - 3 Tank Minimum: $120.00
  • Friday Evening Float - Starts at 6 pm. : $100.00
  • Mon: All Day
  • Tue: All Day
  • Wed: All Day
  • Thu: All Day
  • Fri: All Day
  • Sat: All Day
  • Sun: All Day
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