Agate Fossil Beds National Monument

301 River Rd
Harrison, NE 69346
Agate Fossil Beds is an internationally recognized fossil site. The relationship between land, weather, ecology and mammals in the Agate area has been a stage of continual change over time. Agate has also been a home to people like James Cook and his wife, Kate; great leaders of great nations like Red Cloud and American Horse. A place where people have lived, raised families and died. The record that is preserved in this cultural landscape not only reflects the diverse history of change and evolution, but also the struggles of existence in a region with so many extremes. A modern visitor center features exhibits and a movie about the Miocene Fossils and the James Cook Gallery highlights American Indian artifacts given to James Cook by Oglala Lakota Red Cloud and others. Over 4 miles of walking trails take one through the mixed grass prairie to the historic excavation sites.
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