How to Craft a Killer Webinar 

in 4 easy steps 

You want your presentation to be attention-grabbing, informative and memorable.
That is why we have put together these simple tips for you: 


1. Choose an attention grabbing title 

  • List 
    • 10 Little Known Ways to [Blank] 
  • How-To
    • How to Do [Something Awesome] Like [Blank]
  • 101
    • [Your Topic] 101: How to [Blank] Like an Expert 
  • New 
    • New Data Shows What Consumers Really Want 
  • Trends 
    • Must-know Marketing Trends 

2. Structure Your Content (Basic Outline)

  • Introduction 
    • Introduce yourself and break the ice. It's good to show-off your personality from the start. Let the audience get to know you and your level of expertise. Keep it short and sweet.
  • Set-up
    • Highlight the topics you'll be covering and why the audience should listen. You can build anticipation when discussing hot topics or by offering solutions to challenges.
  • Deliver You Value 
    • Match your content to what you've outlined.
    • Explain why your information is important and how it benefits the audience. 
  • Call to Action 
    • How can they use this information to gain more value?

3. Design Stunning Slides

  • High-Impact Images 
    • Stunning imagery will immediately make your presentation striking. It will draw the audience's attention and focus. Use high-resolution images to illustrate key messages.
  • Simple Slides 
    • Keep it clean. Limit yourself to one idea per slide - make sure each idea or slide is part of your core message or theme. There is no limit to the number of slides you can use, so break down complex ideas into easy-to-digest slides.
  • Minimal Text 
    • You want to avoid distracting your audience with too much text. You want to have more than one word per slide but avoid writing a novel. 
    • Remember the goal is to have the attendee's listening to the presentation, not trying to quickly read everything on each slide. 
  • Large Fonts and Colors 
    • Use large font! Experts recommend 30-point font or larger. 
    • Don't be afraid to play with colors and fonts to draw attention to certain ideas.
  • Presentation Structure 
    • Once your presentation is laid out, take a closer look at the flow.
    • Ask yourself, does the order of ideas makes sense? Does every slide have a point that follows the topic? Would someone new to this subject understand this?

4. Delivery is Where it's at 

  • Prepare (more than you think you need to)
    • Choose your words carefully, speak clearly and don't be afraid to add pauses or increase volume to emphasize your points. 
  • Use Rhetorical Devices 
    • Repeating yourself my feel unnatural but it helps the audience focus on what you're saying. 
  • Use Voice Dynamics 
    • Use different vocal rhythms, pitches, tones, gestures and paces.
  • Show your Passion 
    • The attendees want to hear you speak and hear you speak passionately. Be energetic. Be conversational. Be confident. Be yourself. 

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