Mission, Vision, Values & Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the Nebraska Tourism Commission is to expand Nebraska's dynamic and diverse travel industry making it more viable by creating awareness, attracting increased visitors which results in greater tourism revenue and economic gain throughout the state."

Vision Statement

NTC will engage in diverse, assertive and creative marketing and promotional strategies that celebrate and increase awareness of the unique opportunities Nebraska has to offer to the visitor, accomplishing this through education and special events, partnerships, collateral content along with promotional efforts at the state, national and international levels, working in tandem with stakeholders with mutual Nebraska values.


  • Our highest value is our customer service
  • We invite, honor and respond to all ideas.
  • We provide high quality marketing efforts elevating the State.
  • We address and respond to the needs of our stakeholders, partners, and industry members
  • We responsibly use and manage public and private resources.
  • We foster an inclusive environment that attracts, develops and retains a diverse, motivated, supportive and creative staff.
  • We pursue excellence in the application of technique, procedures and technologies.
  • We believe in our product and all marketing strategies, Commissioners and staff reflect and reinforce that belief.
  • We foster an inclusive environment that attracts stakeholders and industry members to be engaged and included in Commission dialogue and events.

Strategic Goals

  • Content and Services: Produce and distribute quality content and services that will educate, inform and connect with the visitor.
  • Education: NTC will be a valued partner in support of quality promotion, education for traditional and non-traditional events and attractions for the visitor.
  • Public Awareness: Increase the recognized value of the tourism industry for the visitor along with the communities, counties and State of Nebraska.
  • Financial Resources: Improve organizational sustainability through increased revenues, enhanced private-public partnerships leveraging resources and increasing operational efficiencies.
  • Human Resources: Ensure that the NTC staff has appropriate skills through recruitment, retention, educational trainings and career opportunities.
  • Technology: Achieve technical proficiency through, planning, design and implementation that supports content creation, management and distribution that is in line with the NTC Mission Statement.
  • Governance: NTC will pursue topics of interest and relationships that promote the Mission and Vision of the Tourism industry and enhance the visitors experience generating more revenue and economic gain for the communities, counties and State of Nebraska.