History Walks Secret Omaha

16th & Douglas Streets
Omaha, NE 68107
From the shopping mecca of 16th Street to skyscrapers and the lynching of William Brown there are more stories around downtown Omaha than you would believe. There’s Farm Credit and a front door left up in the air while Socrates looks down on Harney Street. Downtown Omaha is a place of history with interesting architecture, monuments, and proof that Nebraska isn’t flat. Join Ryan Roenfeld in this walking tour of the heart of the city and learn more than you knew about what was once called The Gateway to the West. Several of the sites and stories are also featured in Roenfeld’s newest book Secret Omaha published by Reedy Press in May 2021. Note this tour does include steps and, no, Nebraska really isn’t flat.
  • Individual: $25.00
  • Pair: $40.00
  • 4-Pack: $60.00
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