Lincoln Saline Wetland Nature Center

Junction of I-80 and U.S. Highway 77, Lincoln, NE 68501










  • Bird Watching

  • Ice Fishing

  • Wildlife

  • Historic

  • Hiking

  • Nature

  • Fishing

  • Lakes and Rivers

  • Educational

  • Family Fun

About This Destination

Located at the east end of Lincoln's Capitol Beach Lake, artesian salt water from under ground has created this rare saline wetland, restored by the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District. Historic Wyoming Bridge, once located in Otoe County Nebraska, now spans a pond at the wetland. It is one of only a few historic bowstring bridges in Nebraska. Such a rare land type, restored and now preserved in an urban setting, is truly unique. Secrets of this dense wetland ecosystem are opened-up by a wood chip walking trail. Access is free. Enjoy!