Dip Your Toes into Mysterious Waters at Nebraska's Bigfoot Museum

Does anyone know the plural of Bigfoot? Bigfoots? Bigfeets? If anyone does, it would be Harriett McFeely, a local Bigfoot expert in Hastings. Harriett has spent her life dedicated to the pursuit of these elusive creatures, and visiting her museum is an experience that reflects that passion!

Braided Manes

Always happy to give visitors an in-depth tour explaining the significance of various pieces of her collection, Harriett highlights things she’s come across in her travels around the world.

Harriet and her local compatriots have carefully tracked reported sightings of Bigfoot across Nebraska and Kansas over the years. Her reputation precedes her, as occasionally local Sheriff departments will reach out to inform her of calls that could be of interest!

The museum also includes a smaller exhibit on extraterrestrial sightings, since as Harriett explained to us, there is a strong correlation between the locations where Bigfoots and UFOs are reported.

Welcome Area

Harriett is in the process of building a new exhibit to add onto the existing museum, and will soon start the process of creating a handicap-accessible sound garden where visitors will be able to hear the calls of the Bigfoot.

As the hosts of the Annual Nebraska Bigfoot Conference, this museum is serious about their subject. If you have an afternoon to fill, we’d recommend stopping in to take a look around. Who knows, you might end up a believer…

Bigfoot Spottings
A map of reported Bigfoot spottings across the state.
UFO Exhibit
Harriett's UFO exhibit, detailing the relationship between aliens and Bigfoots.
Importance of Bigfoot
Bigfoot isn't just a theory to these folks - it's their life!