A Taste of Italy in the Historical ‘Little Italy’ District of Omaha, Nebraska

Explore Omaha's Little Italy, a neighborhood steeped in the rich heritage of Sicilian immigrants who settled here in the early 1900s. Today, their legacy is celebrated in every corner, from iconic landmarks to delectable cuisine. Immerse yourself in the heart of this charming neighborhood as we explore the vibrant history and cultural tapestry that defines Little Italy.


1. Santa Lucia Hall


Santa Lucia Hall is a gem steeped in history. Purchased in the late 1920s from the City of Omaha for a mere $1,235, this building originally housed several Omaha Fire Engine Companies in the early 20th Century. Today, it stands as a venue for hosting events and partners with St. Francis Cabrini Church, with the 100th year of the Santa Lucia Festival approaching at the beginning of June 2024!

2. St. Francis cabrini church


St. Francis Cabrini Church was once the Cathedral of the Diocese of Omaha, formerly known as St. Philomena's Cathedral. Since its establishment in 1908, this century-old building has boasted a magnificent terracotta roof and captivating stained-glass windows, making it an unmissable landmark.

3. orsi's italian bakery & pizzeria


Savor the genuine flavors of Italy at Orsi’s Italian Bakery & Pizzeria, where you can procure fresh Italian ingredients and enjoy time-honored recipes passed down through generations. As you dine, let the rich history of the area come to life with a beautifully painted mural on the side of the historical building, vividly depicting the Italian heritage within the district.


Indulge in a leisurely post-lunch stroll down the road to take a picture with the world’s largest fork statue, located at 1115 S 7th Street. This artistic masterpiece adds a playful element to the district, a tribute to the Italian heritage and celebrating the love for Italian cuisine in an unforgettable way.

5. dahlman park


While walking through the neighborhoods, stroll through Dahlman Park and the neighboring districts, where the birthplace of the legendary dancer and actor, Fred Astaire, adds an extra layer of allure to the ambiance and charm of Little Italy. Uncover hidden gems, encounter local art, and immerse yourself in the warm embrace of a welcoming community.

6. the durham museum


After touring the local neighborhoods, explore the Durham Museum. Their connections with national and international institutions ensure impressive temporary exhibitions, making it a must-visit destination for those exploring the cultural tapestry of Little Italy.

7. cascio's steakhouse


End your day by exploring the culinary delights of Little Italy. For a taste of history, don't miss Cascio's Steakhouse, an original establishment dating back to the beginnings of Little Italy in the 1940's. There are many other Italian restaurants to try: Avoli Osteria, Via Farina and Mangia Italiana are great options too!