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The folks who open their homes, farms and ranches to guests are imbued with a strong sense of hospitality. They heave a powerful motivation to be so, for by sharing their way of life with outsiders, they are helping to preserve it. There is a wide variety of agri-tourism in Nebraska, providing visitors a wide range of opportunities. Stay in a Nebraska Bed and Breakfast that serves eggs collected from their own hens, and vegetables grown in their garden. Or find a Nebraska Inns that allows you to help milk the cows, mend a fence, or round up the cattle. Maybe you’ll help harvest a crop, or maybe you’ll simply enjoy the fruits of it.

Nebraska agri-tourism can be an excellent way to restore and refresh oneself, and recover from long hours of work. It can help you view your life in a new light. It can stir childhood memories. Or it can simply be fun. At the same time, it can help sustain a farm or ranch by providing the owners an alternative income.

If you are looking for something different for your next vacation, we hope you’ll consider agri-tourism at a Nebraska Bed and Breakfast.

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