10 Unique Stays in Nebraska


Looking to try a new type of stay in Nebraska? Discover a new side of Nebraska with these 10 unique accommodations that promise an unforgettable experience!

1. treehouse b&b

Kottage Knechtion treehouse house B&B

Perched 18 feet high between two majestic cottonwood trees, the adult treehouse offers a unique retreat with stunning sunrise and sunset views over 5 acres of landscaped grounds. Just minutes from South Sioux City's historic downtown, guests can disconnect in this quirky stay, complete with a private shower and delicious breakfast options at The Kottage Knechtion.

2. covered wagon 

Spring Ranch Campgrounds

Travel back in time and stay in two covered wagons nestled on the prairie at Spring Ranch campgrounds in Fairfield. Located on 240 acres of historic land next to the Oregon Trail, each wagon features a living area, queen bed, small kitchenette and other modern amenities for a unique frontier experience. 

3. the tiny nest

The Tiny Nest

Embrace simplicity and minimalism at the Tiny Nest, in Kearney. The custom-built 370 square foot space tiny house includes a queen bed, kitchenette area, full-size bathroom, kid bunk beds and a washer/dryer, providing everything you need for a cozy vacation!

4. the auditorium 

The Auditorium

For larger groups, consider booking this old auditorium in Springview, a spacious accommodation close to downtown and camping areas. With room for multiple guests, this massive building holds six queen beds, one double bed, three singles, a large kitchen and a gymnasium for indoor activities like roller skating and hoverboarding. 

5. covington hobbitlike cottage 

Covington Hobbitlike Cottage

Step into a fairytale with a stay at this charming hobbit-like cottage nestled on 5 acres near the historic downtown in South Sioux City. Adorned with round doors, a grass roof, and high ceilings, the cottage offers one queen bed, one double bed, a small kitchen area, a fireplace and air conditioning for a magical retreat.

6. teepees

Platte River State Park- Pawnee Teepee Village

Experience Native American culture and stay at the Pawnee Teepee Village in Louisville! The Platte River State Park holds four teepees, each accommodating 6 to 8 people and feature wooden floors for a rustic yet comfortable stay, giving travelers the opportunity to explore and connect with nature. 

7. chicken ranch cabin 

RD Chicken Ranch Park Home “Cabin”

Escape to the secluded Northwest region of Nebraska with a visit to the Chicken Ranch Cabin in Crawford. Set on a peaceful 4-acre property, this log-cabin features four beds, a gas fireplace, a large porch and a barbecue grill for a tranquil getaway in nature. 

8. beach house bungalow 

Beach House Bungalow

Transport to the beach with a stay at the tiny beach bungalow in Burwell. Fully remodeled from a 100-year-old garage, the bungalow offers a small kitchen, private bathroom, hot tub, outdoor shower, grill and fire-pit for a relaxing seaside retreat in the heart of Nebraska! 

9. the bin house 


Stay in a converted grain bin that has been on a family farm since the 1930s! Located just 30 minutes west of Lincoln in Seward, this unique accommodation offers rural charm with a modern twist. The grain bin offers all the comforts of home including a full kitchen, a full and half bath, one queen bed, a washer/dryer and a small porch. 

10. the garden shed

The Garden Shed

Try urban glamping near downtown Omaha with a stay in a renovated garden shed! This quaint and cozy building offers a a cozy bedroom featuring air conditioning, a heater, a fire pit and an outdoor sectional to provide a unique and comfortable stay!