4 Lavender Farms in Nebraska

Discover these 4 lavender farms in Nebraska! Immerse yourself in fragrant fields for a tranquil retreat in nature. Explore handcrafted delights, shop organic products, and wander through the lavender-filled landscapes.

1. Sleepy bees lavender farm

Sleepy Bees Lavender Farm

Sleepy Bees Lavender Farm, located just south of Lincoln in Firth, boasts a vision of harmonizing lavender and honey bees on their three-quarters-acre plot. Founded in 2018, their online store offers an array of natural aromatherapy, bath and beauty, culinary and pet products, all crafted from the lavender and honey produced on their farm.

2. peace love & lavender

Peace Love & Lavender

Peace Love & Lavender, located near Johnson Lake in Elwood, began its lavender journey in 2013. Initially facing challenges with extreme winter conditions, the farm persevered and found the right combination of lavender varieties, soil and weather. Today, they grow and sell lavender products for a variety of uses, providing a place of peaceful restoration alongside their thriving lavender fields.

3. our lavender co.

Our Lavender Co.

Founded in 2019 by a mother-daughter trio, Our Lavender Co. is a fourth-generation family farm near the Colorado border in Big Springs. The business emerged from Nicole's small garden, eventually blossoming into lavender fields on a larger scale. Their passion for farming led them to offer clean, organic lavender goods through their online shop and on-farm storefront.

4. sandhills lavender farm

Sandhills Lavender Farm

Sandhills Lavender Farm is the creation of a military veteran and a school teacher, who sought a new adventure in Dannebrog. They handpick and craft lavender products on their farm, prioritizing local and sustainable sourcing. Most of their creations are 100% organic, reflecting their commitment to sustainability and quality.