7 Sledding Hills in Nebraska

Immerse yourself in the winter magic at these 7 fantastic sledding hills in Nebraska. Bundle up in your warmest gear, grab your sled and create unforgettable memories on these snowy slopes!

1. wildcat hills state recreaion area - gering

Nebraska Tourism

Nestled near the Scotts Bluff National Monument, sledding at Wildcat Hills State Recreation Area in Gering offers an exciting sledding experience with a beautiful backdrop. The picturesque landscape makes an ideal spot for families to enjoy sledding on a winter day. 

2. eugene t. mahoney state park - ashland

Nebraska Tourism
Nebraska Tourism

A winter wonderland at Eugene T. Mahoney State Park is waiting to be explored! Located east of Ashland, the park has a well-groomed slope to ensure you experience a smooth ride down. The park also offers cross-country skiing, ice skating, ice fishing and special holiday activities. 

3. cody park - north platte

Cody Park is a popular destination amongst locals for winter activities, the rolling hills provide a great sledding experience!  Each winter the North Platte community bands together while creating new memories outside!

4. pioneers park - lincoln

Nebraska Tourism

Pioneers Park is a community hub for winter fun, the sledding hill being a favorite for many. Located in the outskirts of Lincoln, the park's well-designed hills cater to different skill levels, so everyone can enjoy the ride!

5. Clemmons sled Hill - Fremont

City of Fremont

Clemmons Sled Hill is a hidden gem, offering family-friendly fun. The hill is located northwest of Omaha, in the small town of Fremont. The well-maintained hill provides a smooth and enjoyable sledding experience, making it a great destination this winter! 

6. chadron state park - chadron

Nebraskaland Magazine/Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Embark on a winter journey to Chadron State Park, where a winter adventure awaits. Chadron is located in the panhandle of Nebraska, just south of the Nebraska National Forest. The park's sled-friendly slopes, surrounded by scenic beauty, create a fantastic winter experience for all!

7. ponca state park - ponca

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Ponca State Park is a winter treat for adventurists, the rolling hills provide a variety of sledding opportunities. Ponca's natural beauty is transformed in the winter time, with a snowy backdrop creating an unforgettable sledding trip.