9 Stops for a Memorable Night in Downtown Kearney


9 Stops for a Memorable Night in Kearney

Kearney may be known for its small-town feel, but it also boasts a surprisingly vibrant nightlife scene downtown. Explore the culinary delights and savor the craft brews as you navigate through these 9 stops, each contributing to Kearney's dynamic nightlife.

1. McCue’s Taproom


McCue's Taproom offers a unique atmosphere for new and experienced beer enthusiasts. With a warm and welcoming ambiance and a knowledgeable staff, McCue's Taproom promises a memorable and enjoyable visit for anyone seeking a relaxed and flavorful night out. 

2. Cunningham Journal

Cunningham's Journal stands out as a local favorite, with an inviting and energetic atmosphere. Their menu features pub classics and a variety of drinks, making it a great place to unwind with friends. For an elevated experience, venture upstairs to The Loft, where you can find more music, drinks, and friends!

3. Alley Rose

Alley Rose

The Alley Rose combines upscale dining with a casual and comfortable environment. Indulge in a menu that features a variety of delightful dishes, and the intimate setting makes it an ideal choice for a romantic evening. Enjoy the carefully crafted cocktails and impeccable service that contribute to this unforgettable dining experience.

4. Thunderhead Brewing Taproom

If you're a craft beer enthusiast, The Thunderhead Brewing Taproom is a must-visit destination. The taproom hosts a selection of artisanal brews that are carefully curated to deliver a distinct experience. Explore a new palette of flavors in this relaxed setting! 

5. Copperfield’s

Copperfield's charms customers with their welcoming atmosphere, distinguishing itself as one of Kearney’s most original bars. To elevate the experience, the bar features a daily rotation of drink specials to enjoy every day! 

6. Whistlin’ Wolf Bar & Lounge

Whistlin' Wolf Bar & Lounge

Discover Kearney’s latest gem, The Whistlin' Wolf Bar & Lounge. Step into a laid-back environment, enjoy a drink at the bar, and consider the Whistlin’ Wolf your go-to destination for a night out!

7. Paddy O’Mally’s Irish pub

Paddy O’Malley’s Irish Pub brings a touch of Ireland to Kearney. With its authentic Irish ambiance, live music, and a large selection of Irish whiskeys and beers, it's a fantastic choice for those looking to experience a bit of Irish culture. 

8. Fanatics

Fanatics Sports Bar

Fanatics is a sports bar that caters to those looking for a laid-back and spirited atmosphere. With multiple screens to watch games, a diverse menu of pub-style favorites, and a selection of drinks, it's an ideal place to gather with friends, catch a game, and enjoy a casual night out.

9. Brix 


Immerse yourself where a lively crowd comes together! The Brix offers a selection of unique and flavorful cocktails to customers. Don’t miss out on their innovative Beer tails, a fusion of beer and cocktails to try!