Discovering Nebraska's Art: Murals Across the State


Discover Nebraska's diverse culture through vibrant art murals in towns statewide. Each mural tells a unique story, fostering pride and community spirit. Let these gems guide your exploration and uncover the unique art of Nebraska!



Nebraska City boasts the Arbor Day Farm Mural, a testament to the state's commitment to environmental conservation. This artistic gem not only celebrates Arbor Day but also shows the beauty of nature through its captivating graphic imagery.

2. blackstone district - Omaha


Explore Omaha's Blackstone District, where the Rainbow Kindness Mural adds a burst of color and positivity to the urban landscape. This vibrant artwork is a part of First National Bank of Omaha's "Be Kind" campaign and serves as a symbol of inclusivity and community spirit.

3. norfolk


Pay homage to the legendary TV show host Johnny Carson, who grew up in Norfolk. The Johnny Carson Mural was created by Karl Reeder and captures the essence of Carson's influence on the entertainment industry and his Nebraska roots.

4. beatrice

Main Street Beatrice 

Beatrice's Downtown Mural next to the Holly Theatre, marks a milestone in the city's downtown art movement. Created by artist Tyler Rinne, the mural is a collaborative effort supported by the community and sets the stage for a vibrant future of art in the town of Beatrice!


Downtown Kearney

Travel through downtown Kearney and encounter the Lincoln Highway Mural, a visual homage to the historical significance of the first highway. This artwork showcases the evolution of transportation in Nebraska.


"Working Together Toward a People's Art," 2013, Lead Artist - David Loewenstein 

Revel in the details of the Working Together Toward a People’s Art mural, where the creators embody local artistic expression. The large mural vividly paints the city of Hastings, showcasing the efforts of the community.


"The Illuminated City," 2020, lead artist - Dave Loewenstein

Celebrate Wayne's community spirit with The Illuminated City mural, adorning the north side of the historic Majestic Theatre. This mural reflects the resilience of the community during the COVID-19 pandemic, with themes developed through virtual meetings and the painting executed by volunteers of the community.

8. chadron

Chadron's Art Alley

Chadron's Art Alley emerges as a community-driven canvas, hosting a collection of murals created by the team efforts of local artists. Each mural in this alley tells a unique story, contributing to the vibrant cultural tapestry of Chadron.

9. ogallala

Keith County Tourism

Artist Kate Jensen Witt's vibrant murals in Ogallala blend local history with contemporary flair. Her Welcome to Ogallala mural showcases iconic landmarks and modern symbols, capturing the essence of Ogallala's history.

10. lincoln


Discover the hidden treasures of the Gallery Alley, where an artistic marvel unfolds in the historical Haymarket District. This mural transforms an ordinary alley into a unique and unexpected artistic experience.

​11. GERING 

Photo: © Craig Huffman, used with permission

Greeted by the Welcome to Gering mural, visitors are embraced by a visual narrative that encapsulates the spirit and warmth of the community. The mural was created in a joint effort by local artists and students, located behind the Gering Bakery.

12. grand island

Artist: Andrea Hall

Grand Island's vibrant art scene comes to life through The Mural Project. Local artists collaborate to bring a burst of creativity to public spaces, turning walls into canvases that reflect the community's spirit. From downtown alleys to prominent buildings, the murals add color and character to the city.

13. oshkosh

Artists: Garden County High School Students and teacher Lauren Olsen

The small town of Oshkosh is sprinkled with vibrant artwork. One notable piece is the Nebraska Mural displayed on the back of Nebraska State Bank. Created by art teacher Lauren Olson and her Garden County High School students during the fall of 2020, The mural stands as a tribute to former president Bill Olson, with each letter in 'Nebraska' meticulously crafted to depict iconic scenes. The mural was featured on PBS's 'Magic of Murals', where they transformed the art into a sun shade for vehicles, available for purchase through a monthly donation or a one-time fee.

14. sidney

Artist: Breeanna Benton

The Sidney Art Mural paints the sky in hues of warmth, casting a golden glow over the town. The words "Toughest Town on the Tracks" resonate beneath the horizon, reflecting Sidney's resilient spirit against the backdrop of the setting sun. This image symbolizes the strength and beauty of Sidney.


Courtesy of Visit Omaha

Nebraska's largest mural, the Fertile Ground Mural stands at a staggering 32,500 square feet. Located at 602 N 13th St, Omaha, this expansive artwork reflects the diversity and richness of Omaha's cultural tapestry.

16. north - omaha

Artist: Reggie LeFlore, curated by the Union for Contemporary Art

Embark on a captivating exploration of North Omaha's cultural richness through a tour of its vibrant murals. One noteworthy mural, unveiled in the summer of 2018, stands as a collaborative effort between The Union of Contemporary Art and Omaha Small Business Network. Lead Artist Reggie LeFlore's creation, The Ancestor, the Identity, and the Seed, draws inspiration from the Pan African flag's three colors, skillfully weaving together the community's heritage and the promise of its future.


Falls City Chamber Main Street

The charming downtown of Falls City holds numerous murals across the brick buildings. Painted in June of 2022 by Artist Sydney Saathoff, the mural is located on the corner of 16th and Stone Street. Come to see the Falls City Mural that highlights the features of the city in-person, and stay for the welcoming community.