Independent & Locally Owned Book Stores in Nebraska

Discover the charm of Nebraska through these 10 local and independent bookstores. Embark on a literary adventure by exploring the unique atmosphere of each bookstore and discovering the perfect book to accompany your journey!

1. terrace books

Terrace Books

Terrace Books in Columbus is a vibrant, woman-owned independent bookstore showcasing a collection of gently used books, and a variety of delightful bookish gifts. Enhance your visit by spending some time outdoors on the terrace and say hello to Kojak the Book Cat!

2. the tattered book

The Tattered Book

Discover literary wonders at The Tattered Book, the largest used bookstore in central Nebraska, located in Grand Island. Immerse yourself in a wide collection of pre-loved books, creating a haven for book lovers in the heart of the region. 

3. Susan’s Books  & Gifts

susans books

Venture to downtown Aurora and explore the treasures at Susan’s  Books and Gifts. Their carefully curated selection of used books is waiting to be found. Immerse yourself in the welcoming environment, where each visit promises the excitement of finding a new gem! 

4. A Novel Idea bookstore


Indulge in the perfect blend of literature and comfort at A Novel Idea Bookstore! Located in the heart of downtown Lincoln since 1991, their ever-changing inventory ensures you’ll find a book each time you visit. Don’t forget to browse their downstairs, and say hi to Charlie & Cricket, their two feline customer service representatives.

5. a to z books

A to Z Books

A to Z Books, an independent bookstore in North Platte, offers a delightful reading experience in the town of Buffalo Bill. With reasonable prices and books in excellent condition, it’s the perfect destination for book enthusiasts!

6. burwood books

Discover Burwood Books in Beatrice, where a vast world of knowledge awaits in their warehouse. With thousands of books ranging from 1500 to the present day along with rare and valuable artifacts including manuscripts, archives, and ephemera. Beyond these remarkable finds, they also have modestly priced books for avid readers!

7. the next chapter


Located in the heart of Omaha, The Next Chapter invites you to explore its diverse range of books that cater to every taste. Try new genres to create an enriching experience in this dynamic metro area!

8. The Bard's Den, Books, and Beyond

Explore hidden treasures at The Bard’s Den, Books, and Beyond, a captivating used bookstore in Scottsbluff. From common reads to unique finds and antiques, each shelf tells a story, making your exploration a charming experience. 

9. Chapters Book & Gifts


Dive into the rich world of literature at Chapters Books & Gifts, which has been a local favorite in the downtown square of Seward for more than 15 years. Beyond its large collection of books and gifts, it also hosts author signings and other events. Check their website to plan an unforgettable experience!

10. The Plains Trading Company Booksellers

The Plains Trading Company Booksellers

The Plains Trading Company Booksellers is a general bookstore in Valentine, with a special focus on regional history and fiction. Browse through the curated collection that beautifully captures the essence of the Sandhills, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking captive a deeper understanding of local history.