Itinerary: David City - A Historical Stop

Immerse yourself in this fun-filled trip to David City and Seward to see unique rural artwork, take in the area's history and enjoy thrifting, shopping and great food and drinks! 

Day 1
402 Floral

420 E St.
David City, NE
United States

(402) 367-6188

Located in downtown David City, this full-service floral shop and boutique is perfect for gifts and home decor and even offers specialty lattes and smoothies.

Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art

575 E St.
David City, NE
United States

(402) 367-4488

As the nation's only exclusively agrarian art museum, Bone Creek connects visitors to the land through art that celebrates farmland, natural landscapes, wildlife and rural life. The museum also hosts exhibitions, educational events and artists talks. Admission is free!

Lunch: BBQ, Burgers & More

536 N 5th St.
David City, NE
United States

(402) 620-2146

Stop in for lunch and enjoy, well, BBQ, burgers and more! There's a little something for everyone here.

Butler County Nebraska Museum

200 W D St.
David City, NE
United States

(402) 367-7907

This museum showcases the history of Butler County, including the early settlement of the area. NOTE: The exhibits are open by appointment only after Labor Day weekend.

Dinner: Ropers Bar and Grill

470 E St.
David City, NE
United States

(402) 367-5099

Enjoy a full selection of hot food fresh off the grill and a charming atmosphere.

Bottle Rocket Brewing Company

230 S 5th St.
Seward, NE
United States

(402) 646-5847

Close out your day at this historic brewery and taproom located in the original 1947 grain processing mill. Choose from a range of original beers and kick back to have a good time!

Cobblestone Hotel & Suites

2575 Progressive Rd.
Seward, NE
United States

(402) 646-1004
bc 2

Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art in David City

Day 2
Breakfast: Café on the Square

101 S 6th St.
Seward, NE
United States

(402) 643-3434

Start your day off with local charm and home-cooked breakfast in the heart of downtown Seward.

Et-Cetera Gift & Thrift Shop

504 Seward St.
Seward, NE
United States

(402) 643-4767

With friendly people, great prices and plenty of unique finds, this is a must-see for thrifters.

Allure Fashions Boutique

526 Seward St.
Seward, NE
United States

(402) 643-3762

Locally owned and customer-focused, Allure is a great stop for modern apparel and accessories.

Dragon Palace

633 Seward St.
Seward, NE
United States

(402) 643-6868

Check out this family-owned Chinese restaurant complete with a lunchtime buffet and wide-ranging menu.

Red Path Gallery & Tasting Room

514 Seward St.
Seward, NE
United States

(402) 641-8211

Don't let your trip end without a visit to this all-in-one historical landmark, art gallery and wine tasting room. The original building was built as a bank in 1886 before giving way to a law firm in 1951. It now serves as a space to showcase the work of local artists and a gathering spot for enjoying Nebraska wines.

red path

Red Path Gallery & Tasting Rom in Seward