5 Haunted Locations In Nebraska


Whether you're a year-round paranormal enthusiast or you're just here because it's the season, we've got hauntings to tell you about! These 5 destinations should be spooky enough to get you through October and while you can visit some of these spots, others are private property (please don't trespass!) that you'll have to view from afar. 

The Museum of Shadows in Omaha.
The Museum of Shadows in Omaha

Museum of Shadows - Omaha

Featured on the Travel Channel and Amazon Prime, the Museum of Shadows is packed full of over 3000 haunted objects. In other words, you could say it’s pretty spooky here.

The Alliance Theater* - Alliance

Tales of an actress who met an untimely end while on stage surround this theater...some even mention a chandelier falling on her right in front of the audience. The one thing all the stories have in common is the subsequent accounts of hearing a woman practicing her lines in the walls, or furniture appearing to move itself.

*Private property/business, please do not enter without permission.

The gates of Springfield's Ball Cemetery.
Springfield's Ball Cemetery, Image Via Facebook

Ball Cemetery* - Springfield

This cemetery has been around since at least 1869, so tread carefully here - the dead have had plenty of time to establish themselves. Over the decades, this cemetery has become a hotspot for reported ghost sightings, with some claims even describing a woman who tugs on visitors’ clothes.

*Private Property, please do not enter without permission.

Nebraska City's Seven Sisters Road.
Nebraska City's Seven Sisters Road, Image Via Facebook

Seven Sisters Road - Nebraska city 

Some may drive past this stretch of road, unaware of the tragedy behind the locals’ name for it. The story goes that in the early 1900s a young man lived in the area who in a fit of rage, led his seven sisters one by one to seven trees on individual hills and hung them. Those brave enough to traverse the road at night have reported inexplicable car troubles along the road, even screams on the darkest of nights

Devil’s Canyon - Mccook

Named for what locals thought influenced the event, this canyon is said to be the site of yet another tragedy. Supposedly over 100 years ago, a man brought his wife and children out here solely to end their lives and his. The man's ghost, known as "The Duke" is said to roam the area, playing tricks on visitors unlucky enough to be caught there at night.