Loup Rivers Scenic Byway

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About This Trip

Named for the North, Middle, and South Loup Rivers swirling through the region, this byway rambles 150 miles through the heart of Middle America on Nebraska Highways 11 and 91.

Rolling farmland, winding rivers, breathtaking sandhills, and three reservoirs.

Danish is just one of the many ethnic groups that settled Nebraska, and nowhere in the state is the Danish influence more evident than in Dannebrog. If you’re in town in early June, have a great time at Grundlovsfest, Dannebrog’s Danish celebration.

The Happy Jack Peak and Chalk Mine in Scotia is the only publicly accessible chalk room and pillar mine in North America. Enjoy a Victorian tea at the Valley County Museum, where you can also learn about Ord native Evelyn Sharp, who at age 18 was the youngest female commercial pilot in the country. Fort Hartsuff State Historical Park near Elyria has the most original buildings still standing of any historical fort in Nebraska. Originally built to protect pioneers from the hostile Teton Sioux Tribe, the fort became a fortress for the friendly Pawnee Tribe and pioneers.

After experiencing Nebraska’s Big Rodeo in Burwell, enjoy a leisurely float down the Calamus River with Calamus Outfitters northwest of Burwell. Once back on dry land, feast on a pitchfork steak supper or cream-can social. Take home a touch of Nebraska with locally handcrafted gifts from the Double L Gift Shop in Brewster. Ask about feeding the goats after you finish shopping. Creativity is queen at Sandhills Pottery in Dunning, an excellent place to stop and learn how pottery is made from the wheel to the final piece. The studio offers a wonderful gift shop for finding the perfect souvenir.

Route Directions
Start in Wood River
24 miles north on NE-11 to Dannebrog
28 miles north on NE-11 to Scotia
17 miles north on NE-11 to Ord
7 miles north on NE-11 to Elyria
10 miles north on NE-11 to Burwell
46 miles north on NE-11 to Brewster
16 miles west on NE-91 to Dunning

Tips from the Locals