Celebrating Earth and Arbor Day in Nebraska


As Earth and Arbor Day approach in April, it's the perfect time to immerse yourself in eco-friendly activities across Nebraska. Whether you're keen on exploring nature, supporting sustainable initiatives, or indulging in green living, there's something for everyone to enjoy while celebrating the planet!

1. Earth Day celebrations


Join vibrant Earth Day celebrations in the metropolitans to support our community and planet. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Innovation Campus hosts an Earth Day Celebration in Lincoln, with live music and local vendors. Scottsbluff is also hosting an Earth Day Celebration and Household Waste Disposal, and the nonprofit Earth Day Omaha hosts the 35th anniversary: Earth Day Omaha 2024 in Elmwood Park.

2. arbor day farm

Arbor Day Farm

Celebrate Arbor Day, which falls on the last Friday of April each year, at Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City! The farm beckons tree enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, offering a sanctuary of natural beauty to celebrate Arbor Day.  From guided tours to tree plantings and educational programs, visitors can immerse themselves in the importance of trees in preserving our planet's health. The Activity Page provides various events to witness the significance of tree conservation efforts. For more information on the history of Arbor Day, click here.

3. community initiatives


Participating in community projects like spring cleanups and joining a community garden is a fantastic way to demonstrate appreciation for our planet and promote sustainability. Keep Nebraska Beautiful and programs like Wasteline in Omaha host Spring Cleanups aimed at environmental preservation. These efforts not only benefit the local environment but also foster a sense of community engagement and responsibility toward the planet.

4. local craft fairs

Haymarket Farmers Market

Attending craft fairs and local markets are another great way to support local craftsmen across Nebraska. These fairs showcase handmade goods, eco-friendly products and sustainable art, promoting local businesses while helping the earth. Stroll through the Artisans Along the Avenue fair in Norfolk, or the Annual Triple Bee Spring Flea Market in North Platte. Another event to attend is the Spring Festival Arts & Craft Affair hosted by the Liberty First Credit Union Arena in Ralston

5. visit gardens and farms

Sunken Gardens (Photo Credit: Visit Lincoln)

Explore the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, listed as one of the “300 Best Gardens to Visit in the United States and Canada” by National Geographic. East of Scottsbluff, tour the Greener Gardens Greenhouse featuring a geothermal greenhouse and educational facilities, serving as a hub for teaching conservation and alternative farming. Visit lavender farms to support organic and eco-friendly farms and businesses. 

6. wildlife rescue centers

Shepherd's Goat and Sheep Rest

Embark on wildlife rescue tours for an unforgettable adventure in Nebraska's diverse ecosystem. Dusty Trails in North Platte offers tours with insights into the state's rich biodiversity and conservation efforts. For a unique animal encounter, Shepherd’s Goat and Sheep Rest offers goat yoga sessions and provides a sanctuary for abused animals. Explore the Old Poor Farm in Nickerson, where an assortment of rescued animals live, from peacocks to foxes! Discover the magic of Scatter Joy Acres in Murray, where animals and people come together for healing and joy in a serene country setting.

7. farm-to-table dining & wineries

 Whiskey Run Creek Vineyard & Winery

Embrace the farm-to-fork philosophy and indulge in delicious dishes made from scratch, showcasing the best of Nebraska's culinary landscape and eco-friendly practices. Greenbelly in Omaha is known for their healthy and quality food offerings. No More Empty Pots is a non-profit that works closely with local producers and farmers to prepare meals for the community. In Lincoln, the Hub Cafe serves as a hub for friends, food, and community, offering freshly prepared and locally sourced food. Additionally, explore Nebraska's thriving viticulture scene by visiting wineries and vineyards across the state.

8. sustainable shopping

Salt Creek Mercantile

Support eco-conscious businesses offering sustainable products and locally made goods like Salt Creek Mercantile holds handmade kitchen pottery, French soaps, hand-poured candles and vintage European wares in Ashland. Graf Bees provides high-quality honey and wax products, showcasing the hard work of their bees in Emerson. Run by two passionate individuals, the Benson Soap Mill offers some of the finest locally sourced soaps, made from local, natural and discarded products in Benson. Embrace eco-friendly living by patronizing these businesses, where quality meets sustainability in every product.

9. discover fontenelle forest 

Tree Rush Adventures

Established in 1913, Fontenelle Forest is one of Nebraska’s oldest conservation organizations, recognized as a National Natural Landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. Located in Bellevue, Fontenelle Forest inspires generations to care for the natural world. Celebrate Earth Day by immersing in eco-friendly activities like TreeRush Adventures, featuring ziplines and aerial surprises, while also exploring the forest’s raptor program, where birds of prey are cared for, which are vital to our ecosystem. 

10. stay at eco-friendly accommodations

Element Omaha Midtown Crossing

Embrace eco-friendly accommodations during your Nebraska adventure. Camping offers a fantastic way to connect with nature and minimize environmental impact while enjoying the great outdoors. For those seeking a hotel stay, consider Element Omaha Midtown Crossing for a green getaway. Committed to sustainable practices and amenities, the eco-friendly hotel provides a comfortable stay with a focus on environmental stewardship. 

agritourism resources

Chimney Rock

From outdoor adventures to community engagement, there are countless ways to celebrate the Earth and Arbor Day while promoting sustainability in Nebraska. Let's come together to cherish our planet and ensure a greener, healthier future for generations to come. 

Header image: @the.rewards.of.roaming