Getting Lost

Annie G



  • Nature

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f you could see Nebraska through my eyes, you'd see a world to get lost in. A world you can't wait to get lost in.

A long weekend traveling the open roads of my home state gave me an opportunity to check out of the burdens of everyday life - the phone, the to-do list - and check in to the beauty and possibility of the unexplored. The half-worn trails begging to be hiked with a soundtrack of nearby waterfalls and a reoccurring shriek of an excited young boy yelling, "mom, LOOK!" was the perfect antidote an otherwise routine-driven life.

My name is Annie and this is Niobrara River through my eyes.

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Niobrarariverview 9.8.12 047
Niobrarariverview 9.8.12 047
Valentine, NE

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